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RF Control case consists of the following products:


eLAN-RF-003 Converter Ethernet
DLB-E27-806-2K7 Dimmed LED bulb, replace conventional 60W bulbs
DLSL-GU10-250-3K Dimmable LED spot, base type GU10, 6W
RFDA-73M/RGB Dimming actuator to dim an LED strip and RGB LED strip
RFSA-66M/230V Wireless switch, 6 functions
RFSTI-11/G_white/white Switching actuator with in-built thermosensor and thermo input
RFSAI-61B Switching actuator with external input
RGB LED strip RGB Led strip 20 cm
RFUS-61 Switching actuator with external input, multifunction
RF Pilot/White Wireless remote controller
JA-83M Wireless magnetic detector
RFSC-61_French Switching socket, multifunction, French type
RFJA-12B/12-24 V DC Switching RF actuator - 1 function, 1xSwitching 16A
RFWB-40/G Wireless switch, 4 buttons
RFATV-1 Wireless thermovalve
RFDAC-71B Analogue RF actuator for continous regulation
RFDEL-71B Dimming actuator for dimming LED bulbs and dimmable Energy Saving Lamps
RFSOU-1 Twilight light switch
RFIM-20B Universal transmitter module
RF Key/W white 4-channel remote control in the keychain design, white
RFTC-50/G_white Temperature regulator - extension for RF Touch
JA-85P PIR sensor
router TP-link TL-WR702N Router






























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