Ethernet-IR transmitter

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eLAN-IR-003 | Ethernet-IR transmitter


  • The applications iHC-MAIR and iHC-MIIR provide universal control for all Audio/Video devices (including air conditioning).
  • The application is connected via smart phone connected to the smart IR box eLAN-IR-003, which communicates with audio/video devices via IR sensor.
  • The intuitive application environment makes it simple for anyone to control.
  • What all can you control? Home theater, TV, DVD or Blue Ray player, amplifi er, set-top box, satellite receiver, air-conditioning, projector and more.
  • It can control up to 100 arbitrary commands with various controllers that you normally have at home.
  • With the scenes function you can perform multiple functions simultaneously by a single click command (e.g. you are going to bed you and switch off all AV appliances in the entire home with a single press).
  • It is possible to integrate into a single application an unlimited number of IR boxes, meaning that in one application, you have control over the living room, children‘s rooms, etc.
  • It is also possible to control remotely from anywhere using a Wi-Fi network (e.g. from work or vacation).
  • Thanks to auto-IP acquisition from the DHCP server, you need not set up a network (if you have no set fi xed IP address).
  • You can connect three sensors to the smart IR box eLAN-IR-003 for three directions of control.


Technical parameters


  • Sensor IR: Infrared sensor for learning IR codes
  • Output indication: 3x LED green status IR1-IR3
  • Communication Interface: 10/100 Mbps (RJ45)
  • Voltage supply / jm. current: 10-27 V DC / 200 mA (safe low voltage)
  • Reset button: settings to their default values
  • Operating temperature: -20 .. +55 °C
  • Protection degree: IP30
  • Operation position: arbitrary
  • Installation: free
  • Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 65 mm
  • Weight: 136 g


The full version of iNELS Home Control IR Mobile application is now available for free from GooglePlay:



The full version of iHC-MIIR is now available for free from iTUNES:



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