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eLAN-RS485/232 | Converter RS485/232-iNELS


  • The eLAN-RS485/232 is used to communicate with devices communicating via the Modbus RTU protocol, with the converter acting as a master unit.
  • eLAN-RS485/232 is equipped with a web interface to confi gure the connected devices.
  • Thanks to the web interface, the eLAN-RS485 / 232 can be used as a stand-alone device. 
  • eLAN-RS485/232 is integrated into the Connection Server, which makes it possible to control the connected technology through iNELS Home Control (iHC). Thus, it is possible to control, for example, ventilation systems and heat recovery from NILAN.
  • The eLAN-RS485/232 is equipped with A, B and GND terminals for connection to the RS485 serial line on the back panel, as well as a signalling diode to indicate the reception status.
  • The front panel features an RJ45 connector to connect to the Ethernet via a network cable.
  • The power supply of the eLAN-RS485/232 is possible via a 10-27V DC adapter (adapter included) or through a 24V DC PoE, e.g. directly from a switch or PoE injector.
  • The eLAN-RS485/232 requires the RS485 serial interface to be connected in line and to comply with all policy and installation requirements of this interface.


Technical parameters


  • Communications interface: 100 Mbps (RJ45) 
  • IP address support:  static, DHCP client 
  • Max. connection: 32 devices 
  • Supply voltage/current: 10-27 V DC / 200 mA SELV 
  • Protection degree: IP 20 
  • Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 65 mm 
  • Weight: 110 g
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