Multifunction voltage monitoring relay in 3P with LCD display

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HRN-100 | Multifunction voltage monitoring relay in 3P with LCD display

  • 3-wire or 4-wire connection (with or without neutral).

  • Optionally monitors upper and lower voltage & frequency in 3-phase circuits.

  • Allows monitoring of phase sequence, failure and asymmetry incl. neutral fail (only in 4-wire connection).

  • The device is supplied from monitored voltage.

  • Both output contacts can be set individually.

  • Measures real effective value of AC voltage (True RMS).

  • Optional response delay of the output contact to the measured fault state or transition from the fault state to the OK state incl. delayed response of output contacts after connecting the power supply.

  • Possibility of automatic or manual transition from fault state (memory).

  • Optional closing or opening of the output contact when measuring a fault state (Fail Safe / Non Fail Safe).

  • Password protection against unauthorized changes to settings.

  • Digital backlit display with the possibility of monitoring the current state of the network, incl. possible failures.

  • The last five fault states are stored in a history that can be viewed retrospectively.

  • Sealable transparent cover for display and controls.


Technical parameters


    • Supply and monitored voltage: ULL = 3 ~ 155-500 V (AC 45-65 Hz)
                                                          ULN = 3 ~ 90-288 V (AC 45-65 Hz)
    • Power consumption: max. 5 VA
    • Output contact: 2x changeover, 5A (AgSnO2
    • Output indication: on display, icon R1 and R2
    • Mounting: DIN rail EN 60715 
    • Protection degree: IP20 cover and terminals / IP40 from front panel
    • Dimensions: 90 x 36 x 66.5 mm 
    • Weight: 132 g
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