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LARA Intercom aluminium
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LARA Intercom grey
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LARA Intercom ice
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LARA Intercom ivory
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LARA Intercom 

  • LARA Intercom offers users 5 different functions and expands even more options to Lara Radio - music players and internet radio stations
    within the range of LOGUS90 switch designs.
  • LARA Intercom provides extra functionality and videophone intercom.
  • Thanks to videophone function, now it is possible to have a voice communication between LARA and the sound of the door (IP Intercom), so with someone visiting and standing in front of the house, we can see that on LARA display as part of this function which increases the security feeling and safety besides of course, the comfort for the user
  • LARA Intercom is equipped with an OLED colored display with a size of 1.5“, which is used to transfer images and sounds from the door camera properly. The display also shows basic information about playing music, which also serves the orientation in the menu settings, etc
  • The intercom function can also be used for communications between all the family members throughout the whole house, thanks to two-way voice communications possibilities between different LARA units.
  • LARA Intercom continues to offer three functions that are also supported by LARA Radio - when connected to the Internet, it can play streaming radio stations and you can store up to 40 of them. But you can also select from thousands of radio stations from across the globe, which provide data for correct connection.
  • LARA Intercom can play content from an external music source, which can be a smartphone or e.g. an MP3 player. These devices are connected to a 3.5mm stereo jack audio input, located underneath the front panel.
  • LARA Intercom can also play audio files from central data storage, onto which Logitech Media Server is installed. This LARA function can therefore be used within the complex iNELS system or as an entirely independent home automation device. When used within iNELS, control is a part of the complex application iHC. If using with NAS data storage, the application LARA NAS App is available.
  • Touch control is performed on the device front panel (six capacity buttons available), or LARA Dio
  • The basic device settings (network connection, language, audio input) are performed via the display and a simple menu controlled from capacity buttons on the device front cover. Further settings (selection of stations, connection with the server, updating firmware, etc.) are configured via computer and the software LARA Configurator.
  • LARA Intercom has an integrated amplifier with 2x 10 W output, thus greatly facilitating device installation in places where such output suffices. LARA is used e.g. to provide premium sound to the kitchen, bathrooms, waiting rooms, offices, reception desks, entrance halls, operating rooms or wellness facilities.
  • LARA is powered by PoE with maximum voltage level 27 V DC / 1000 mA. So connecting and communicating with just one cable (UTP) is a major advantage.
  • For LARA, an entire series of accessories are ready for connection (PoE adapters, PoE switches), speakers (in a frame, walls or ceilings) and installation (cables, box, etc.).
  • Complies with standards IEEE 802.3u (100BASE-Tx).
  • Automatic cable crossing detection of Ethernet cable - MDIX.




 Code    Name                EAN
 LARA-IC/BR                       LARA Intercom_white               8595188149389       
 LARA-IC/AL  LARA Intercom_aluminum  8595188149372            
 LARA-IC/GE              LARA Intercom_ice  8595188149396
 LARA-IC/PE                          LARA Intercom_pearl  8595188149426
 LARA-IC/MF  LARA Intercom_ivory  8595188149419
 LARA-IC/IS  LARA Intercom_grey  8595188149402


Technical parameters


  • Supported data transfer formats: mp3, ogg, acc
  • Front panel: touchscreen buttons
  • Communication Ethernet: via PC setting up and communicating SW LARA Configurator
  • Button RESET: restart product/reset product to factory settings
  • Communications interface: 10/100 Mbps
  • Display: color OLED
  • Resolution: 128 x 128 pixels
  • Supply: POE 24 V DC/1.25 A
  • Microphone: YES
  • Audio input: 3.5 stereo jack
  • Working temperature: 0 .. + 55 °C
  • Protection degree: IP20
  • Installation: in an installation box



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