SHR-3 probe

SHR-3 probe

Probe for level relay

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SHR-3 | Level probe


  • Stainless probe to be used into demanding industrial environments, designated for screwing into tank wall or cover.
  • Suitable for use in drinking water
  • The probe is installed in horisontal, vertical or in sidelong position on tank side or in tank cover. Installation is done by soldering or by fixing nut. It is necessary to use 24 mm (1) screw. It is necessary to use an adequate torque with regards to a seal and operational overpressure in a tank.
  • Sensor has connecting wire - lenght 3 m, which is connected to sensor to scan electrode and sensor bushing connecting wire is double-wire PVC AWG 18 (0.75 mm2 ), connection of wires: brown - scan electrode, blue - sensor bushing.
  • Connection M18x1.5 screw.
  • Protection degree IP 67.
  • Sensor weight without cable: 100 g (3.3 oz.).
  • Operating surroundings: place without the danger of detonation, temperature on screw: max. 95C (203F).
  • Pressure immunity: on 25 C (77 F) 4 MPa, on 95 C (203 F) 1.5 MPa.
  • Weight: 239 g (8.4 oz.).
  • Material: bushing and sean electrode: stainless steel W.Nr. 1.4301, insulation insert of electrode: PTFE.
  • Internal material: self - extinguishing epoxide resin.
  • Operating temperature: -25 C to 60 C (-13 F to 140 F).
  • Total sensor lenght: 65.5mm (2.58 ).


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